[CentOS] Optimal VPN

Eero Volotinen eero.volotinen at iki.fi
Wed Nov 24 21:41:15 UTC 2010

> Based on other discussussions on the list my recollection is that IPSEC
> provides better performance if you need GigE or better data rates on
> your VPNs.  My sense is that IPSEC may be more difficult to configure
> and less robust at keeping connections up, but this has probably
> improved in recent years.

ipsec is usually too complex .. for anything else than site to site
tunneled connections.

> The main advantage to pptp that I see is compatibility with mobile
> devices.  A disadvantage of PPTP, as far as I know it cannot easily be
> tunneled through something like a linux firewall because it uses
> non-standard protocol packets (not TCP/UDP).

Well, at least linux support pptp connection tracking, but some poor
firewalls do not.


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