[CentOS] CENTOS 5.5 X86 continue get "out of memory" error?????

Hakan Koseoglu hakan at koseoglu.org
Thu Nov 25 00:37:04 UTC 2010

On 25 November 2010 00:23, mcclnx mcc <mcclnx at yahoo.com.tw> wrote:
> We can NOT use X86_64 due to application NOT support 64 bits.
Unless you can't use virtualisation, you can run any 32 bit app on 64
bit platform provided that you have the 32 bit dependencies installed.
The other way around is not possible. if you are compiling it from
source, 32 bit and 64 bit libraries install in separate directories
and thus you can point to the correct path in any configure script. I
regularly compile Apache & PHP for 32 bit on CentOS, thanks to 32 bit
binary modules only available on that platform.

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