[CentOS] Checking what's running inside a httpd process

Nicolas Ross rossnick-lists at cybercat.ca
Fri Nov 26 22:48:26 UTC 2010

Also, a thing I've notice is that httpd process tend not to relase it's used memory very fast. So if you see that the process is not doing much (via server-status), you can safely kill it. The parent httpd process will create a new one when needed.


Le 2010-11-26 à 16:06, Pascal Robert <probert at macti.ca> a écrit :

> I'm trying to fix a CentOS (5.5 x86_64) VM that we have where it become unstable due to swapping. But I did notice something: I have 10 httpd processes, and 5 of them are using 13 MB of resident memory, the other are using between 91 and 96 MB of RAM. I find it quite strange to see such differences in RAM usage. I ran a "lsof -P -p" on the processes, and I didn't see any major differences, so I'm wondering what is the best way to know what the processes are doing?
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