[CentOS] Centos and Bridging

Robert Spangler mlists at zoominternet.net
Sat Nov 27 14:09:17 UTC 2010

On Friday 26 November 2010 21:47, Scott Robbins wrote:

>  > > http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/KVM
>  >
>  > It has couple of points the OP may need to know. One is that
>  > NetworkManager needs to be disabled. The other is how to handle
>  > iptables (OP disable it while troubleshooting).
>  Ah, aikawarazu, good point.  Not using NetworkManager--to be honest, I
>  find it causes more problems than it solves, I was't aware of that.

Nor do I.  I prefer to configure my system for the CLI.

>  (The wiki article does mention additions to iptables.)

Nice.  Will have to take a look at this one too.

Oh, thnx for your input.



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