[CentOS] CF disks images and centos

Brunner, Brian T. BBrunner at gai-tronics.com
Tue Nov 30 18:10:14 UTC 2010

> > The size has changed. The original CF card was 7637M (255 heads/63
> > sectors/928 cylinders)
> > The new CF card is 8019M (255 heads/63 sectors/974 cylinders)
> >  
> > I simply do "dd if=cf.img of=/dev/sde" to copy the images to CF.
> ARG!!! Don't do this!  You really, really don't want to dd a 
> raw disk image (including mbr/partition table) to a 
> *different* geometry disk -- it does not matter what the 
> 'disk' tech is (IDE. SCSI, SATA, SSD, etc.).

Even if the two disks have the same manufacturer and manufacturer part
number, different firmware revisions can fail to boot after

dd if=/dev/spinpoint.partnumber.fwrev1

Been there, done that, got bit where the sun doesn't shine.

> Partition the new disk with fdisk (or something like that), 
> then use mkfs to make the file systems than use dump/restore 
> to move the file systems.  Finally use grub-install (or lilo) 
> to install the boot loader.

sfdisk -d /dev/olddisk > /product/partition.layout
dump (whatever)

...years later...

sfdisk /dev/newdisk < /product/partition.layout
restore (whatever)
grub-install (magic tbd)
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