[CentOS] cannon printer not printing

Wed Nov 3 11:59:01 UTC 2010
Ritika Garg <ritikagarg25 at gmail.com>

Printer: Cannon MF4320d. I gave the command "lpr NNInteraction_Poster.pdf",
then typed "lpq" which shows

 MF4320-4350_(UFRII_LT) is ready and printing
Rank    Owner   Job     File(s)                                       Total
active  Ritika  636     NNInteraction_Poster.pdf        549888 bytes

After a while "lpq" command returns:

MF4320-4350_(UFRII_LT) is ready
no entries

But no printout is there. Is the driver missing? But then
MF4320-4350_(UFRII_LT) will not come. What might be the problem?
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