[CentOS] SELinux - way of the future or good idea but !!!

Fri Nov 26 23:58:00 UTC 2010
Alison <penguin at alisoncc.com>


total newbie on CentOS. Just firing up an install of 5.5 on a development webserver. Installed Webmin, Awstats, PHPMyAdmin and Drupal successfully. Yet to work on Sendmail and Samba. SELinux in enforcing mode, reporting "SELinux preventing ifconfig (ifconfig_t) "read write" to /var/webminsessiondb.pag (var_t)".

Googled the error message without real success in finding fix - bug reports showing. Question is whether worth pursuing as SELinux is the way of the future. Or is SELinux a good idea that never really made it's way into the sun. Thoughts please.

PS. Semi-retired. Cut my teeth as sys prog on RSX11-M systems eons ago.