[CentOS] Init.d script troubleshooting.

Wed Nov 10 01:33:39 UTC 2010
Don Krause <dkrause at optivus.com>

On Nov 9, 2010, at 5:15 PM, Barry Brimer wrote:

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>> Testing the script, both via "/etc/init.d/Fast start" and "service Fast start" works, and it fully works for the implemented "start","stop","status" commands.
>> "/etc/rc0.d/K10Fast stop" works as expected. (as does /etc/rc1,2,6 etc..)
>> The script contains full paths to everything.
>> At boot, the script functions as expected.
>> My problem is that at reboot, via shutdown -r or shutdown -h the script does NOT get called, so naturally the system doesn't get to clean up after itself, then it fails to startup correctly next boot.
> <snip>
> I believe the name of the script in /etc/init.d needs to match the name of 
> the lock file dropped in /var/lock/subsys .. so either change the case of 
> your lockfile so it is called "Fast" and not "fast" to match the script or 
> change the name of script to "fast" the match the lockfile.  For further 
> reference, please examine /etc/init.d/killall.  This is the script that 
> stops things that have placed files in /var/lock/subsys.
> Hope this helps.
> Barry

Wow... It works now...

Thanks much. I didn't see that in the documentation, interesting info.
Don Krause                                                                   

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