[CentOS] xServes are dead ;-( / SAN Question

Thu Nov 11 20:32:03 UTC 2010
Nicolas Ross <rossnick-lists at cybercat.ca>

On another note, on the same subject (xServes being disontinued), one 
feature we use heavily on our os-x server is the ability to load / unload 
periodic jobs with launchd.

With it we're able to schedule jobs let's say every 5 minutes, and so on. 
One could say I could do something like "*/5 * * * * /path to job" in 
crontab. True, but the big advendage of launchd in that matter, is that it's 
5 minutes between jobs. So if the job takes 6 minutes, we will never have 2 
time the same job running at the same time.

We even have a job that is scheduled to run every 60 seconds, but can take 2 
hours to complete.

Is there any scheduler under linux that approch this ?