[CentOS] kickstart raid disk partitioning

Fri Nov 19 10:49:51 UTC 2010
Roberto Nunnari <roberto.nunnari at supsi.ch>

John Hodrien ha scritto:
> On Fri, 19 Nov 2010, Roberto Nunnari wrote:
>> hehe.. that's right, but if you look at my partitioning,
>> there's a /boot2 partition on the second drive where I
>> keep a copy of /boot.. even if master boot record is
>> gone with /boot, with a grub cd of floppy I can always
>> boot my system.
> But then you have to make efforts to keep the two in sync.  It entirely makes
> sense to have /boot on RAID1.  I'd say it's all upsides over your solution,
> and no downsides.

Yes, but rsync and cron are there to help.

In any case, I just realized it's not only initramdisk that
has to to understand and use software raid, but even
before that there's grub (or lilo.. anybody out there still use lilo 
nodays?).. I suppose even legacy grub can boot from raid partition
otherwise, CentOS4's grub would not even boot.

But as already many on this list say it's better to have even
boot and swap on raid, then I'll try that way.

I hope that will give me two drives partitioned in exactly
the same way. This would be to me the greatest gain over
my solution.

Thank you very much to you all for your help.
Best regards.