[CentOS] Strange happening with new users and keyed access on diskless cluster

Tue Nov 23 20:12:09 UTC 2010
Roberto Nunnari <roberto.nunnari at supsi.ch>

Joseph Norris ha scritto:
> Hello to all,
> I have been battling this situation now for 3 days and still have not 
> found a resolution.  I appeal to any and all for help.
> Here are the facts as far as I can tell.
> 1)   I moved a 66 node rocks based cluster to a diskless cluster using 
> the latest version of Centos and all updates in place.
> 2)   users are added with home directory mounted across the nodes on the 
> cluster so  a user's home directory would sit on /export/home with sym 
> link from home on head node
> 3)  sshkey-gen used to create public/private key in .ssh so that user 
> can have keyless access to all nodes, allowing sge jobs to run across nodes.

For my cluster, I have set it up this way:

- on the mater node, set up /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts
so that it has a line for each node in the cluster, the key
taken from /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key.pub

- copy master:/etc/ssh to each node in the cluster

- the new user script only adds the user to the master node
and then pushes passwd and shadow and possibly group onto
the other cluster nodes.

That's it. Hope that helps.
Best regards.