[CentOS] best way to start and shutdown programs in CentOS?

Wed Nov 24 17:28:31 UTC 2010
sheraz naz <sheraznaz at yahoo.com>

> From: killscript <killscript at gmail.com>

> Sorry for the stupid question here, but does the /etc/initd./scriptname 
> file "know" about these symlinks because of a particular comment in there?

> Where and how is the best way to make these symlinks once you have the 
> "correct" file configuration.

Les already answered this
> There is a convention for comments in the scripts so that 'checkconfig program 
>on' can make
> the links for you.  Look through some of the other scripts to see how they 

You need to add a line in your script, something like this...(starts with #).
# chkconfig: 2345 90 05

Add the program to chkconfig, and simply turn it "on" for runlevel you want.
Chkconfig will manage the symlinks for you. 

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