[CentOS] Can we use gstreamer bad, ugly and ffmpeg packages ( installed using binary rpms) without any legal problems

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Oct 20 13:36:47 UTC 2010


On 10/20/2010 02:33 PM, praveenya kumar wrote:
> we use these packages ( bad, ugly and ffmpeg) without any legal or
> licensing issues? If No, Please tell the legal way of using them.

The only person who can answer that question definitively is your 
lawyer; Also, it depends on where you are, where you machine is, where 
your code is and how/ what you are doing with it. So, speak to your 
lawyer. (S)He's the person who will need to prep your legal case should 
it ever come to that.

- KB

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