[CentOS] GDM could not write to you authorization file ... Please contact your system adminstrator

Wed Oct 6 01:31:19 UTC 2010
drew einhorn <drew.einhorn at gmail.com>

I am the system administrator.

I have a system that was built with a default install which resulted
in everything in a single file system except for /boot

wrote some scripts to split out: /home, /usr, /var, /opt, and /tmp to
separate file systems/logical volumes it looks like it ought to work,

There's plenty of space in all the filesystems and I can log via ssh
and have write access in my home directory.  Logging in via ssh
did result in a new .Xauthority file being automatically created,
but that did not help.

Googleing around I saw a thread where the user was actually out
of disk space, but before that was established somebody asked
if /home was on a different filesystem from /, but what to do in that
case never came up.

Another google thread suggested looking in .xsession-errors,
but I don't have one.

I've found irrelevant ubuntu suggestions regarding ubuntu only

Still googleing

Drew Einhorn

"You can see a lot by just looking."
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