[CentOS] Getting Wake on lan to work

Wed Oct 6 20:33:25 UTC 2010
Peter Crighton <centos at crighton.me.uk>

My system is: 
Intel CC820 motherboard (which supports PME# wake up for wake on LAN)
3com 3C905C which also supports wake on LAN via PME#
Linux 5.5

The motherboard BIOS is later than one that reports an issue with WOL
and this particular network card was fixed.

But when I turn off the PC (shutdown or poweroff commands or front
panel button), it cannot be restarted via WOL. The network light on
the Ethernet card goes off so it looks like power is not being
retained on the card. 

Although both the card and the motherboard have WOL headers my
understanding is that these are not necessary if using PME# - is that
correct? (I don't happen to have a WOL cable so can't just try one to

How can I make Linux shutdown and leave the Ethernet power on?

The common suggestion on the 'net is to remove the "-i" switch from
the shutdown script, but it was not present to start with.