[CentOS] networking problem

Thu Oct 7 07:55:13 UTC 2010
Ben McGinnes <ben at adversary.org>

On 7/10/10 6:20 PM, Smith Erick Marume-Bahizire wrote:
> Hello
>        Please I want help in centos server I can ping the gateway or
> my eth1 ip address but i cant browse from my server could you help
> me with the codes the codes that will enable network cause i've
> already configure my iptables and it's showing me that everything is
> ok. Please help Thank you.

Okay, firstly, when asking for help with a new issue, it is best to
start a new message rather than reply to a message on an unrelated
topic.  Otherwise those of us using threaded mail clients (like Mutt
or Thunderbird) might overlook the query.

Secondly, we need a little detail about your current network
configuration and what you have tried.

Is it only browsing that is not working, or do other services not work

Can you send through the output of:

route -n
cat /etc/resolv.conf


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