Wed Oct 13 14:53:30 UTC 2010
Ken Dechick <kend at medent.com>

Hi Akemi,
 Thanks for the reply.

>Do you mean no src.rpm of your custom kernel? If so, rpmbuild -bs will build >it.

The only source rpm I can find is from the CentOS Extras. FIlename makes it
appear that you need the 2.6.18-8.1.8 kernel from CentOS Extras:

If I try to rebuild that with:
rpmbuild --rebuild --target=x86_64 kvm-kmod-36-

I get error that I need the 2.6.18-8 kernel-devel package, if I install that
it will build but it results in a kernel module built for the 2.6.18-8 series
but I need for my 2.6.18-194 series.

So on your advice I jumped into my SPECS dir and tried:
rpmbuild -bs --target=x86_64  kvm-kmod.spec

and it gave me:
Wrote: ~/kend/rpmbuild/SRPMS/kvm-kmod-36-

I guess it all comes down to experience. Being not to familiar with rpmbuild I
did not know you could do that. Thanks for the tip!

>kmod-kvm is built from kvm and it is kernel version independent,
>kABI-tracking.  This means that, if your custom kernel is kABI
>compatible with the distro kernel, the kvm module will continue to

I wish that was better documented. So as long as I have kABI checking enabled
when I build my custom I should be golden? I apparently did not fully
understand kABI either than. I did have some trouble with kABI at first and
disabling it solved the issue, not sure if it's still disabled, but I will
check. Thanks for the info!

I wont call this thread solved until I get the chance to try these two options
out and see where I get. Sounds like sticking with using kABI is my best bet
either way if case I run into this again in the future with other things.
Getting into the visualization world for the first time so I have a learning
curve to clime here. Thank you for the tips, I will do some testing then post
the results.


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