[CentOS] system "stuck" with 2.6.18-128 kernel. how to move to2.6.18-194.17?

Mon Oct 4 16:33:28 UTC 2010
Mark <mhullrich at gmail.com>

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 8:27 AM, Brunner, Brian T.
<BBrunner at gai-tronics.com> wrote:
> BINGO!  Only one time did the word 'title' appear in his grub.conf.
> So I looked at the LAST not FIRST 'kernel' line after 'title' and noted
> that the 'kernel' info there matched what actually booted.
> I surmise that grub reads the title-to-title section top-to-bottom
> discarding any earlier 'kernel' line if it hits a subsequent 'kernel'
> line.


The "boot=/dev/xxx" and "default=0" lines tell grub which kernel to
boot from which device, and it looks for the title with that
reference, 0-origin.  Only if that boot fails does grub look elsewhere
for what to do.  This is fairly well documented in 'info grub.'

The (far) more likely explanation is either that the md raid is messed
up or there are multiple possible boot partitions that do not match
what the machine sees and what the user is looking at.