[CentOS] kernel.org kernel in CentOS respin.

Tue Oct 5 09:30:20 UTC 2010
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: Steve Clark <sclark at netwolves.com>
>I found these wonderful instruction by Alan Bartlett (thanks Alan) for building 

>a kernel.org kernel
>that would install on CentOS 5.5. Doing this and moving the resulting .rpm
>to the target system and doing a rpm -ivh ... works great.
>Now I am trying to use the same rpm as part of a CentOS respin and 
>the installation fails miserably leaving me with a unbootable system.
>Using the rescue option I see the following in my install log.
>Installing kernel-
>/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.24949: line 1: uname: command not found
>/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.24949: line 1: uname: command not found
>/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.24949: line 1: [: too many arguments
>/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.24949: line 6: /sbin/new-kernel-pkg: No such file or directory
>error: %post(kernel- scriptlet failed, exit status 127
>Does someone have instructions for building a kernel.org kernel that
>will install like the standard CentOS kernels?

The error messages don't seem to be "kernel related errors"...
the script needs uname but cannot find it...