[CentOS] OpenOffice or LibreOffice?

Wed Oct 6 09:10:22 UTC 2010
Jake Shipton <jakems at hotmail.co.uk>

On 05/10/10 02:49, Yves Bellefeuille wrote:
> On Monday 04 October 2010 12:35, Mark wrote:
>> I'll probably put LO beta on my laptop and play with it a little
>> before I decide.  There is a caveat that LO might install over OO in
>> this beta, but future releases won't.
> The warning that LibreOffice overwrites OpenOffice only applies to 
> Windows. On my system, LibreOffice installed itself neatly 
> in /opt/libreoffice3.
Indeed. :-)

Redhat have stated they will support LibreOffice, but considering
LibreOffice is merely a beta at the moment an early one at that, I
highly doubt RH would put that into RHEL5/6, bearing in mind that RHEL
is all about stability and reliability. Imagine 50 networked machines,
using LibreOffice Beta, after they just added a new feature, and the new
feature accidentally causes constant segfaults, it would be a disaster
in an enterprise environment. :-O

I'd expect Fedora 15/16 (Possibly 14, but I think it's too far it for
them to change it now, not sure though) to see LibreOffice first. Then
after it'll fall into RHEL, at which point I don't know, possibly 6.2?
6.4? All depends on stability of the product, however it may not ever
make it into RHEL6 and end up only in RHEL7+. As for RHEL5? I'm not sure.

But, of course all this is speculation, and could be wrong.

I too checked out LibreOffice when it was released (F12 here at the
moment) I soon switched back to OpenOffice.org 3.1 though :-( but, it's
an early product, you can't expect it to be perfect just yet :-). (even
if it is a fork)

LibreOffice has the potential to be great, and the publicity/support
they needed. Lets just hope they do just that.

Anyhow, just my 2p :-)
Sorry for any spelling/grammar issues, been up all night and am tired,
only coffee keeping me going right now :D.