[CentOS] does ssh-copy-id not use "id_rsa.pub" file by default?

Thu Oct 7 12:20:17 UTC 2010
Václav Strachoň <vaclav.strachon at gmail.com>

  OpenBSD is not shipped with ssh-copy-id. But ssh-copy-id is only 
script. So if you try this:

[root at wenca ~]# cd /usr/bin/
[root at wenca bin]# head -n 20 ssh-copy-id

# Shell script to install your identity.pub on a remote machine
# Takes the remote machine name as an argument.
# Obviously, the remote machine must accept password authentication,
# or one of the other keys in your ssh-agent, for this to work.


you can get it.


Vaclav Strachon

On 7.10.2010 13:54, Ben McGinnes wrote:
> On 7/10/10 10:23 PM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>>> My man page says: "~/.ssh/identity.pub"...
>>    argh ... sorry, i was logged into the wrong system when reading the
>> man page, i was connected to my ubuntu system.  interesting that
>> different distros have different default files for the same command.
>> i will definitely remember that.
> Slackware also says ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub, so chances are this is (another)
> Red Hat/CentOS specific modification.  Anyone got an OpenBSD box to
> double-check on?
> Regards,
> Ben
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