[CentOS] OT: linux desktop market share more than 1%

Fri Oct 8 00:06:20 UTC 2010
Udo Siewert <algenib at lavabit.com>

Am Thu, 7 Oct 2010 14:20:47 -0400
schrieb Scott Robbins <scottro at nyc.rr.com>:

> At work, I have a Fedora desktop to keep track of what stupidity will
> happen next with RH/CentOS.  (I think that Alan if he's here, will
> attest that it was thanks to this cynicism that the GUI packagekit
> allowing any user to update any signed package without authentication
> was caught. ) 

Great. When I tested Mint a few weeks ago over 100 MB of packets
could't be verified at all via apt for the latest updates because of
missing keys.