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Mon Oct 11 13:10:47 UTC 2010
Robert Heller <heller at deepsoft.com>

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> I have the same problem on it . Isn't the CentOS very safe?

If you apply ALL of the security updates as they become available.  ALL
O/Ss have security updates from time-to-time (what do you think those
MS-Windows 'Service Packs' are?).

In the case of CentOS (and Linux in general), the security updates are
generally released *before* some cracker writes an exploit, where as
with MS-Windows the updates show up like 6 months *after* some cracker
has trashed a zillion PCs and recuited them into an army of zombies
and incorporated them into a botnet.

The reason for the more timely updates with Linux is that it is open
source, and "with enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow" (I am not
totally sure if this is a quote from Eric Raymond or Linus Torvalds). 
There are *lots and lots* of people looking over the code looking for
mistakes (bugs).  There are *always* bugs in any non-trivial piece of
software -- no non-trivial piece of software is perfectly bug free.  Us
programmers *try* to write the best code we can, but sometimes stuff
slips through the cracks...  The operating system itself (the kernel) is
a very complex piece of code.  Plus there are all of the additional bits
and pieces that people use for everyday tasks, many of these pieces of
software are fairly complex all on their own.

Also, since Linux is not a monolithic blob (like MS-Windows), much of
the everyday software is maintained by a whole batch of different people
and each piece of software has a different schedule of update releases,
so there are updates (security and otherwise) released at different
times.  Red Hat / the CentOS team release these updates as soon as they
become available (and have been quality tested, etc.).

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