[CentOS] One server not showing SSH port, the other is.

Mon Oct 11 23:44:04 UTC 2010
Joseph L. Casale <jcasale at activenetwerx.com>

>However, when running nmap on them, one betrays the port that SSH is running on, and the other does not.

What does betray mean?

>I have shut down iptables on both machines and the behaviour remains this way. What could be the cause?

Public facing machines w/ iptables off?

>Specifically, how can I hide the port that SSH is running on?

So if you want it hidden, you want it not to accept connections from other machines?
#iptables -L

See what's allowed, then if you're not iptable savvy, install/run system-config-security.
Then do not permit connections to that port, unless you provide more info, like do you
Have internal trusted interfaces etc, you will be locked out.

>I'm sorry that I cannot provide the IP addresses, the owner of the servers doesn't want that! I also know how silly it is to do "stealth"
>ports but I'm not the one making the decision!

Probably good thing you haven't exposed a possibly bad config.