[CentOS] LDAP Mail Notice

Tue Oct 12 04:50:38 UTC 2010
Sean Hart <boardnutz at blacklight.net>

>     I have a thought of  writing the script to implement the LDAP mail 
> notice    recently.
> That's to say , after creating the new account and his passwd , then 
> how to send an E-mail to notice him?
> By the way , I used the LDAP tool called 389 LDAP or openldap  recently .
> Could someone give me some suggestions ?

What precisely are you looking to do?  Are you trying to write a script 
to create a user and email them?  If so, I've definitely done that.  I 
put together a bunch of tools a while back if you are looking for some 
building blocks (including a send mail to user sub and a lot of 
retrieve/set LDAP attributes).  A lot of this was put together from 
other stuff I found on the web in my years of LDAP administration.

Disclaimer: I'm a self taught perl guy, so I don't know all of the 
tricks, etc


If you give me a better idea of exactly what you are looking for I'm 
sure I could whip something up.