[CentOS] yum update error

Tue Oct 12 11:54:53 UTC 2010
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

Timo Schoeler wrote:

> thus Timothy Murphy spake:
>> For some reason all the perl man pages cause yum errors like
>> -------------------------------------
>> Transaction Check Error:
>>   file /usr/share/man/man1/c2ph.1.gz from install of
>>   perl-5.8.8-32.el5_5.2.x86_64 conflicts with file from package
>>   perl-5.8.8-32.el5_5.1.i386
>> -------------------------------------

> Ran into this, too, recently. I don't know whether it's the
> 'recommended' way, but removing perl-5.8.8-32.el5_5.1.i386 (on a 64bit
> machine), which was possible without removing anything else, and then
> updating (which included the installion of perl-5.8.8-32.el5_5.2.x86_64
> fixed it for me.

Thanks, I followed your advice.
Actually, "sudo yum remove perl-5.8.8-32.el5_5.1.i386"
also removed one version of gnumeric 
(which I don't use on this machine anyway).
--> Processing Dependency: libperl.so for package: gnumeric
--> Running transaction check
---> Package gnumeric.i386 1:1.6.3-15.el5.2 set to be erased
However, it turns out that there is still a working version of gnumeric
on the machine:
[tim at helen ~]$ sudo rpm -qf /usr/bin/gnumeric

I've always wondered what the 1: means at the beginning of a package name?

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