[CentOS] Does anyone know where I can get an RPM of pyDB2?

Tue Oct 12 15:36:21 UTC 2010
Kevin Thorpe <kevin at pibenchmark.com>

  On 12/10/2010 14:44, John Doe wrote:
> From: Kevin Thorpe<kevin at pibenchmark.com>
>> Sorry to be a pain but I'd really like PyDB2 (DB2 client for python).
>> IBM only seem to offer the source which won't compile without a copy of
>> DB2. I only need it to extract some info from a customer site so I don't
>> really want to have to get DB2.
> Not a direct answer but, maybe install:
> http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/im/udbexp/
> and try to compile again.
> No idea if it will work though...
I was afraid that was the answer. Similar problems with Oracle. Couldn't 
connect using the Python client without Oracle actually being installed. 
Nice waste of drive space that. Both companies should sponsor 'a major 
North American linux distributor' to package their products properly.
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