[CentOS] sendmail substitute?

Thu Oct 14 21:19:54 UTC 2010
Gary Greene <ggreene at minervanetworks.com>

On 14/10/10 10:58 AM, "Baird, Josh" <jbaird at follett.com> wrote:
> Actually, as of RHEL6, the default MTA is now Postfix.
> Sendmail does indeed have a rather lengthy history of vulnerabilities.
> With that being said, in my opinion, Postfix is also a much more
> flexible MTA.
> Josh

Well, I'd call that a red herring as Sendmail is just as flexible. The main
issues that people have with Sendmail regarding security or flexibility come
from the fact that you need to understand the configuration language that
Sendmail's configuration files use. If you don't, yes, you can easily eff up
the the security of your mail infrastructure and can get lost quickly if
you're trying to configure it for more functionality/mail routing/etc.

Sure there have been vulnerabilities in the past, but so has
postfix/exim/dbmail/etc.... I think the main reason upstream changed to
Postfix is mostly a) most Linux distributions are using it as the default
MTA now, and b) it is easier to configure and nothing more.

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