[CentOS] network interface question

Fri Oct 15 08:48:23 UTC 2010
Giles Coochey <giles at coochey.net>

  On 15/10/2010 10:36, John Doe wrote:
> From: Paras pradhan<pradhanparas at gmail.com>
>> I have eight nics and its getting difficult to me which MAC  id
>> represents which physical port. Any way to find  this?
> Unless you are 100% sure the nics detection follow a sequential order that
> matches the nics physical ports order, I think you will have to test them one at
> a time...
> JD
Not sure whether this is true for all operating systems, but in many 
systems I have come across the following ordering convention:

* Onboard NIC's get listed first, e.g. eth0, eth1.
* First PCI bus gets listsed next, starting at slot 1... e.g. eth1, eth2
* If there are multiple interfaces per card then they are ordered in 
increasing MAC address value.
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