[CentOS] using a Laptop as a KVM console?

Mon Oct 18 16:38:24 UTC 2010
Ausmus, Matt <mausmus at chapman.edu>

I had the same thought a couple years ago.  I found a device from a
company out of the UK called Epiphan.  They make a small box that
connects via usb 2.0 (required) and acts as a KVM.  Essentially it
streams across USB.  They make drivers for both Windows and Mac and they
have a Linux SDK but will build a Linux client for you based on the
kernel you're running.  They're working on having a production Linux
client but it isn't there yet.

I've used it for both Windows and Mac.  I find connecting to a Windows
server is troublesome but it works great on Linux CLI.  This has become
my crash cart.  The company have been very aggressive developing the
software for it and are very responsive to problems you encounter.
We've had really good success with it.  It does have a few quirks but
nothing insurmountable and we're budgeting to purchase one for each


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Hi all,

Has anyone seen something like this before:

I want to use a laptop as a KVM console. Basically when a technician
goes to one of our datacentres, or clients he has to look for a free
LCD, keyboard & mouse to connect to a server (no network access,
reinstall, troubleshoot failed kernel / HDD, etc). And then hopefully
there's an open power socker in that cabinet.

So I'm thinking why not just use a laptop instead? It already has an
LCD, keyboard, mouse & power. Surely someone has, or may still, build
something that could connect to the laptop's USB port(s) and then to
the server's VGA & USB / PS2 ports, then act as a KVM?

Kind Regards
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