[CentOS] FYI: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Release Candidate Available to Partners

Tue Oct 19 11:10:43 UTC 2010
Nicolas Thierry-Mieg <Nicolas.Thierry-Mieg at imag.fr>

Benjamin Franz wrote:
>    On 10/19/2010 12:47 AM, Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
>> On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 06:44:34PM +0300, Deyan Stoykov wrote:
>>> Available to partners? Aren't RH obliged to release the source as usual?
>> Yes, to partners :)
> I'm pretty sure Deyan is referring to their GPL obligations to make the
> source code available for most of it.

GPL doesn't say you have to distribute source code to the whole world, 
only to people you distribute the binaries to (ie the partners here).