[CentOS] black display during installation of CentOS5.5

Thu Oct 21 05:38:52 UTC 2010
Ritika Garg <ritikagarg25 at gmail.com>

I had posted the following question 4-5 days ago. I want to add something to
the question which is important. The question was:
During installation of CentOS5.3 from DVD, the installation was interrupted
due to an error in a rpm package as the DVD had lot of scratches. So I
burned image of CentOS5.5 on DVD. I selected installation in graphical mode.
The first graphical interface screen comes from where we proceed further by
clicking next. This screen is almost black and its impossible to carry out
further installation as visibility is very poor.
I was trying above for Dell Inspiron laptop which has Windows7 installed on
it. I checked the CentOS5.5 DVD on another system which is desktop and found
that the graphical interface is perfectly alright there. So is there any
setting that has to be done in the laptop?
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