[CentOS] OT: looking for network performance comparison chart

Fri Oct 22 16:18:42 UTC 2010
Peter Kjellstrom <cap at nsc.liu.se>

On Friday 22 October 2010, Rudi Ahlers wrote:
> Hi all,
> Does anyone have, or know of a comparison chart of the different
> network adapters, i.e. 1GB  / 10GB, Infiniband, etc. And if possible
> with a few top brand NIC's and switches listed as well.

Good 1G eth: 945 Mbps
Good 10G eth(w/o tcp tuning): 6-7 Gbps
Same 10G with some tcp tuning): 9.4 Gbps

Infiniband(MPI or raw verbs):
SDR: 980 MB/s
DDR: 1900 MB/s
QDR: 3700 MB/s

I don't have numbers for IPoIB (tcp on Infiniband) since we dont use that 

> I would like to see, for example, what the max throughput is of a 1GB
> NIC (and this could probably differ from PCI to PCIE-x1 to PCIE-x4),
> and 10GBE. Different switches would probably also have different
> ratings,

Most or all switches I've used the last few year can take wirespeed 1G eth on 
atleast a few ports concurrently. For 10G eth I don't know much more than 
that our procurve, cisco and bladenetworks equipment can do wire speed 
(atleast on a few ports concurrently).

Infiniband swtiches are typically very good at delivering bandwidth (as long 
as you avoid congestion).

> but could a layer 2 switch & layer3 switch deliver the same 
> performance for example?

As previously stated by another poster, layer3 is only features, says nothing 
about performance (although features tend to cost you..).

> Basically I need to know what upload / download speeds I should be
> getting from the different networks, set aside other options like CPU
> / RAM / disc IO / etc.

All of my figures above assumes "good hardware". If you want to push 10G or 
more you'll need PCI-express gen2 and a modern CPU/memory.

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