[CentOS] ssh with shared home dir

Sun Oct 24 20:17:49 UTC 2010
Gordon Messmer <yinyang at eburg.com>

On 10/22/2010 07:29 PM, Tim Dunphy wrote:
> the only thing left I can think of is that bluethundr is an LDAP user.
> can THAT prevent the user from logging in with keys?

No.  LDAP users work fine.  Have you tried looking at /var/log/secure? 
Typically the cause for failed authentication is logged there, including 
bad permissions.

I didn't mention it the first time because it seemed ridiculous, but 
your home directory may be at fault, too.  Your home directory, .ssh, 
and .ssh/authorized_keys must all restrict group and others from 
writing.  That is, none of those three can have permissions greater than