[CentOS] Projects.centos.org down?

Fri Oct 29 23:20:50 UTC 2010
Garry Dale <garry.dale at gmail.com>

Glenn Eychaner wrote:
> 	I have been trying to get to the CentOS LiveCD site at projects.centos.org
> the last couple of days, but have been unable to reach it.  Is it down, and is there
> any info on when it might be back up?

Likewise, I'm unable to get content back from projects.centos.org.  I 
can make an HTTP connection, but it just hangs.

There is an open bug report from 2009-09-21 with a similar summary [1]. 
Since bug 3858 was never closed, I've updated the notes.



[1] http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=3858