[CentOS] centos 5.5 oscar: gcc41, gcc44 and gfortran41, gfortran44

Matthew Miller mattdm at mattdm.org
Wed Sep 1 11:47:50 EDT 2010

On Wed, Sep 01, 2010 at 05:35:23PM +0200, giggzounet wrote:
> I'm totally new with centos...we have a cluster in our labo with centos
> oscar. The gcc which was provided with the release is gcc41 and
> gfortran41. There are packages for gcc44 and gfortran44. I have
> installed them.
> But the gcc is not a link to gcc41 or gcc44. it is just an executable.
> idem for gfortran. So which is the good way on centOS to choose the
> gcc44 and gfortran44 per default.

The easiest way in most cases is put 'export CC=gcc44' in your bash profile.

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