[CentOS] trouble mounting NFS share in net install

Tim Dunphy bluethundr at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 00:57:51 EDT 2010

I am trying to install the net install version of 5.5 from an NFS
share that I setup with freenas. I have fully functioning DNS (hosted
on freebsd) and can mount the iso share on another centos box with the
command mount nas.mydomain.com:/mnt/iso1 /mnt/iso1 on that machine.

The nas host in question is a freenas which I believe is NFS 4. I can
/ will verify if someone would care to respond to this thread.

but when I go to do the same thing in the centos net install I get an
error stating simply: "that directory cannot be mounted from the server".

in the settings I have the following values:

NFS server name: nas.example.com
CentOS directory: /mnt/iso1
NFS mount options (optional):

I have also tried it by ip just to be sure:

NFS server name:
CentOS directory: /mnt/iso1
NFS mount options (optional):

Does anyone have any suggestions that can help me get going?


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