[CentOS] Interpreting logwatch

Albert McCann mac358 at newsguy.com
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> While fail2ban and swatch are good tools, apache mod_security is
> probably better for dealing with this type of thing as it is
> designed to minimize attacks on web services.
> I think it's a mistake to discount any attacks involving php as
> the vast majority of the systems I have had to clean up after
> cracks have been compromised through php vulnerabilities, usually
> in conjunction with weak user level passwords.
> IHMO, admin tools like phpMyAdmin, webmin, and usermin should be
> carefully restricted, preferably only accessible via a private
> LAN, not from the public internet.  

This lurker is running a family pictures website, and got tired of that
nonsense, so I have a bunch of entries like these in my .htaccess file:

Redirect permanent /phpMyAdmin/
Redirect permanent /PMA2005/

The Perishable Press blog has other .htaccess methods to deal with such

I also block access from all Amazon EC2 IPs, that reduced the amount of port
and application scans by about half.

I yam Popeye of the Borg. Prepares ta beez askimiligrated.

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