[CentOS] Transferring system to new drive

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Tue Sep 14 08:26:58 EDT 2010

  On 09/14/10 5:12 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Is there a document with instructions for this?
> I've had smartd warnings that a hard disk in my server is sick,
> so I am installing a new drive (in addition to the old).
> I was thinking of copying the old root partition with
> 	sudo cp -a -P /* /mnt/hd
> (after mounting the prospective new root partition).
> Then I'd have to modify the new /etc/fstab .
> Is that a sensible approach?

I generally use dump ... | restore ...     to clone a complete e2fs/e3fs 
volume.  it copies everything exactly on an inode by inode basis.

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