[CentOS] Transferring system to new drive

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Tue Sep 14 09:10:48 EDT 2010

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> John R Pierce wrote:
> >> Is there a document with instructions for this?
> >> I've had smartd warnings that a hard disk in my server is sick,
> >> so I am installing a new drive (in addition to the old).
> > I generally use dump ... | restore ...     to clone a complete e2fs/e3fs
> > volume.  it copies everything exactly on an inode by inode basis.
> Thanks for the suggestion.
> Could you give a concrete command for copying /
> to say a new filesystem on /mnt/hd ?
> (I'm wondering how this approach deals with symbolic links, 
> /dev , /proc , etc

You *don't* copy /dev, /proc, or /sys!  These are run-time generated
file systems.  /dev is a ramdisk, populated by udevd, /proc and /sys
are file system mappings of kernel data structures.  All three will
appear and be 'populated' during the boot process. dump 'does the right
thing' WRT links (both hard and symbolic), does the right thing for
sockets and named pipes.  Does things by physical file system -- does
exactly one, skipping other mounted file systems encountered along the
way). You do need to dump ... | restore ... *each* disk file system (/,
/boot, etc.).

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