[CentOS] Can anyone suggest a decent backup system?

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Thu Sep 16 13:20:23 EDT 2010

  On 09/16/10 6:27 AM, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> Not sure of a package - we use rsync and scripts - but you should consider
> what we do: an external eSATA dock, and a number of inexpensive SATA
> drives. It *will* speed up the backups, and recoveries, should you need
> them.

actually?  tapes like LTO/DLT write *faster* than file systems on hard 
disks.  in fact the biggest issue in many LTO/DLT backup systems is not 
being able to READ the source fast enough to keep the tape busy.

re: BackupPC...  while this is a neat solution for backing up a 
small-to-moderate number of workstations, I don't think its a very good 
solution for archival backups of a single server, NOR does it scale very 
well, as the storage pool it creates becomes an ungodly mess of links 
and becomes itself very very difficult to replicate or backup or do 
maintenance on.

Systems like Amanda and Bacula really work better with 
autoloader/libraries, like the Quantum PX502 I use in my lab at work 
(acquired surplus from another department, this holds 28 tapes and has 
two LTO3 drives).

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