[CentOS] looking for cool, post-install things to do on a centos 5.5 system

m.roth at 5-cent.us m.roth at 5-cent.us
Fri Sep 17 11:16:59 EDT 2010

Brunner, Brian T. wrote:
>> >   over the next several weeks, i'm teaching some courses in
>> > RHEL admin but (unsurprisingly) i'll be using centos 5.5.
>> > it's a decently-written, 3rd party course, all the generic,
>> > standard admin topics but it does leave me about a 1/2 day
>> > to throw in any cool stuff i want to add.
>> > so, any recommendations for neat things that people here
>> > have done
> For me: I'd want to have a closer look at things that *might* give
> advantages but DO bring troubles:
> And dangers such as
> DoS
> DDoS
> Zombie computers randomly port-scanning
> Internal user ignorance, apathy, malice, and mis-information about how
> to secure the campus network from the hostile world.
> A boss who does not understand what he wants, but he wants it real bad.

Which leads back to what I suggested - an overview of the architecture of
*Nix. I worked in a division of a telecom once that some of the 27 teams
had files *everywhere* (including /), and everyone had the root


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