[CentOS] e2fsck with millions of files

Sean Carolan scarolan at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 09:35:24 EDT 2010

> I'm not sure how much 64-bit support the kernel expects so there might be some
> complications going that direction, but you can certainly install a 64-bit
> system and run the 32-bit versions of the apps and have both versions of most
> libraries available.

To bring some closure to this thread, I ended up using a 64 bit Ubuntu
Desktop Live CD which comes with e2fsck version 1.41.  Here are the
steps required:

sudo /bin/su - root
modprobe dm_mod
apt-get install lvm2
vgchange -a y
e2fsck /dev/path/to/partition

This worked and the fsck completed within a few hours.

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