[CentOS] Logwatch verbosity

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Tue Sep 21 09:13:39 EDT 2010

I'm getting literally hundreds of lines in my daily logwatch 
(under Centos-5.5), reading
NULL security context for user, but SELinux in permissive mode, 
	continuing ()

These began when I started running fail2ban (with shorewall),
though that is probably a coincidence.

In any case, what does this line mean,
and is there any way of stopping it (short of stopping selinux)?

Timothy Murphy  
e-mail: gayleard /at/ eircom.net
tel: +353-86-2336090, +353-1-2842366
s-mail: School of Mathematics, Trinity ollege, Dublin 2, Ireland

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