[CentOS] Configuring BIND to answer to two domain names (four IP addresses)

Eric Viseur eric.viseur at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 13:26:22 EDT 2010

Maybe a Round-Robin configuration ?

2010/9/24 Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at gmail.com>

> > Have a read for the listen on directive for BIND which tells BIND what
> > interfaces/IP Addresses to bind to.
> Thanks, I am aware that Apache can be told to listen only to specific
> addresses. Can BIND be told to listen on all addresses? Your post
> implies that this is the default (which makes sense, as so does
> Apache), maybe I am chasing a non-issue?
> In other words, I should configure BIND to answer to exampleA.com and
> to exampleB.com with no regard to IP addresses. then in the control
> panel for each domain name configure the nameservers to my liking
> (with addresses that the server answers to, naturally)? That's it?
> >  Alternatively, you could just configure BIND identically on both
> machines and ensure that
> > they are setup in a master/slave configuration so that each name server
> could answer
> > requests for both domains and publish both name server records in each
> domain.
> >
> There is only one machine. All four addresses point to it.
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