[CentOS] Raid 10 questions...2 drive

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 06:39:51 EDT 2010

From: Tom Bishop <bishoptf at gmail.com>
>Thanks everyone for the input...I have decided to go with the f2 option, however 
>the rebuild time seems to be taking quite a long time, almost 24hr...I have read 
>that there are options for speeding this up but want to make sure that they are 

>ok to do....has to do with setting the minimum speed limit...
># sysctl dev.raid.speed_limit_min
># sysctl dev.raid.speed_limit_max 

It just sets how "aggressive" the reconstruction will be (depending on server 
load, etc)...
If you set it low, the reconstruction will be slow, but the server fast.
If you set it high, the reconstruction will be fast, but the server slow.



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