[CentOS] logwatch question

lostson lostson at lostsonsvault.org
Tue Sep 28 07:27:28 EDT 2010

 A few weeks ago I started having problems with my system email or
specifically my logwatch reports showing up in my inbox. I got most of
those issues figued out except one now when i get an email from my
system it has a title of this 

 Cron <root at localhost> run-parts /etc/cron.daily

 with this message 


Recipient names must be specified

 I have my aliases set right and have been googling for an answer and
just cant seem to find anything pointing me in the right direction. But
this has been going on for awhile now and i would like to get my normal
reports back that i used to get. I have never had to do much else except
set my aliases file up correctly and i just always got the daily
reports. I am probably missing something amazingly simple but i just
cant seem to find it any ideas, thanks.



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