[CentOS] A question about DRBD and nfs

Joseph L. Casale jcasale at activenetwerx.com
Tue Sep 28 16:45:12 EDT 2010

>I been working on for about a month and half on setup drbd and nfs. I keep running
>into issue with the way heartbeat/pacemaker handles nfs. Does anyone know a good
>way  to set up a HA NFS server with DRBD and Heartbeat and NFS. I am willing to share
>my pain in setting it up. 

It involves a bit of manual work which all depends on how seamless you want failover.
Which I assume is your problem so far. Client mount options play a more significant
role in this setup.

The drbd part is trivially provided by the included scripts. It will promote/demote from
sec to pri as needed. The NFS part involves some work.


If I can offer a small suggestion, if you're on CentOS, use the boxed RHCS, its very good
to understate it. Drop pacemaker, but that's my $0.02 CAN:) It's as simple as yum install
with some cluster.conf tweaking and voila to setup a cluster. If you don't care about the
locks/states being available on the secondary when it gets promoted (I assume you're not
using a cluster FS and running pri/pri) then it's easy. When I was learning RHCS I recall
symlinking the appropriate dirs on the replicated block device.


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