[CentOS] Transferring system to new RAID drive

Matt lm7812 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 12:13:52 EDT 2010

> Is there a document with instructions for this?
> I've had smartd warnings that a hard disk in my server is sick,
> so I am installing a new drive (in addition to the old).

Not to hijack a thread but on a similiar note.  I have a Centos 4.x
server with a 500G sata drive working fine except for disk I/O issues
at peak times.  I have copied it to a new drive before using 'dd
if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=16384' in middle of night offline.  I did
that in past because 'smartctl -a /dev/sda' did not work on the old
drive.  Is there a way to copy it to a hardware RAID 1 array of two
drives in a similiar way?  If so what not too expensive 2 port
hardware raid controller do you reccommend and how do you do it?


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