[CentOS] Acronis True Image or Clonezilla

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Wed Sep 29 19:12:56 EDT 2010

on 9-28-2010 5:53 PM Timothy Murphy spake the following:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>>> I should have admitted that there is a Windows partition on the old disk.
>>> It came with the machine, but I never use it.
>>> However, I would like to save it if possible,
>>> as there seem to be some operations on this computer (HP ProLiant M110),
>>> eg updating the BIOS, which seem to require Windows to be running.
>> All the HP servers I have are fully update able from linux... I don't have
>> a M110, but I have several ML350's
> Sorry, I was talking nonsense.
> I have two servers (in different locations), both running CentOS-5.5.
> One is an HP ProLiant,
> but the one with the bad disk is actually a Dell PowerEdge T105.
> The information that came with this explicitly warns
> against using Linux to update the BIOS.
> (The machine actually came with a curious mixture of Windows and Linux,
> in the form of a partial RedHat Enterprise system.)
> Also the Western Digital disk software
> all seems to assume the the machine is running under Windows.
> (Admittedly it didn't tell me anything more than smart under CentOS.)
If you really NEED windows for systems like this there is a tool out there to
make a complete windows environment that boots from a CD or USB key...
ubcd4win.com That way you can have the server clean and still use the tools

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